I’ve been writing creative nonfiction, personal memoir, and essays for over a decade. My recent pieces focus on bridging the divide between academic research and popular writing. 

Recent published works:

“Nonsexual Community in Sexual Communities.” — Social (In)Queery (5/2/13)

Sexual hookup applications and communities are built to facilitate sex, but the community surrounding them is so much more for gay men. They create a way to find and talk to other gay men. 

“The Circular Firing Squad: A Facebook Flamewar Wins Gold in the Oppression Olympics.” —  In Our Words: Salon for Queers and Co. (1/24/13)

Nothing ever good comes from arguing on the internet. I lose a friend over an argument about straight women’s presence in gay bars. I argue for the need to protect separate safe spaces and question queer politics’ infighting. 

“Rethinking Risk: How to Reframe the Debate on Bareback Sex.” — In Our Words: Salon for Queers and Co. (7/18/12)

After reading Mark King’s work on the debate surrounding condomless gay pornography, this piece charts my revelation that “safe-sex” discussion about condom use reproduces ableist and paternalistic language and relies on discrimination against poz people. I ask us to shift the conversation towards risk management, a more realistic approach to working with people’s desires for sometimes risky sexual activity.

“Focus on the Family?: The Same-Sex Parenting Study and Judging Ourselves by Their Standards.” — In Our Words: Salon for Queers and Co.  (7/3/12)

In response to Dr. Mark Regnerus’s study of same-sex parents, I discuss my criticisms of both his study and the overly-assimilationist responses of his critics.

“Transitions” — Off The Rocks: An Anthology of GLBT Writing (2012)

One of the first dates after a breakup with Andrew, I struggle with getting back into dating and, ultimately, my sexual identity when I go on a date with another Andrew, a transman. 

“The Truth Will Set You Free” — The Morning News (12/17/11)

Coming out to my father typically seems like the beginning of my coming out story, but what about all of the earlier drives into the backcountry?