My research and teaching reflect my core focus on privilege, oppression, and intergroup dialogue. The primary goal of an education in sociology should be to give students the tools to understand the invisible structures that influence our lives and enter the world with an eye cracked open, prepared to interact with diverse populations

Courses Prepared to Teach


Racial Domination
Social Psychology: The Self and Society
Advanced Interviewing and Ethnography 
Advanced Social Theory: Erving Goffman


American Race and Ethnic Relations
Social Theory
Human Sexuality
Introduction to Queer Studies
Research Methods in Sociology
Intergroup Dialogue

Teaching Experience

Human Sexuality
Introduction to LGBTQ Studies
Sociology of Marriage and Family
Criminal Justice in America

Teaching Development Conferences

2009. “Learning from One Another: Focusing on Pedagogical Needs and Strategies in the Development of LGBTQ Courses and Course Content,” University of Wisconsin-Parkside.